Why Pre-Inspection?

Here are 5 reasons to consider “pre-inspection”:

1. To demonstrate your commitment and honesty

A pre-inspection demonstrates that you’re serious about selling your home, are willing to take full responsibility for its condition, and are an honest and upfront seller. This can help you stand apart from other sellers and sets the tone for negotiations by indicating you’ve priced the home based on a fully informed understanding of its current condition.

2. To spotlight your homes best features

A pre-inspection can serve to highlight your home’s key selling points, such as a new heating/air condition system, the addition of insulated windows or a new roof, upgrades to the electrical system, etc. This sends the message that the house is not only a good buy, but also that it has been well cared for and improved while you owned it.

3. To avoid unnecessary repairs

Before putting their house on the market, most people do their own “pre-inspection” in an attempt to fix any lingering issues they’ve been living with–such as a broken tile or a dripping sink. Getting your home pre-inspected can help you avoid wasting money paying for unnecessary or inappropriate repairs. Your inspector will tell you out exactly what is wrong, whether it needs repair prior to the sale, and what the appropriate repair should be—before you spend time and money doing it the wrong way.

4. To keep your selling price intact

With a pre-inspection, you’ll know in advance if there are problems that potential buyers might want repaired. Once you’ve identified these in advance, you can either have them fixed before listing your home, or you can state them upfront so that they are clearly factored into the selling price. This lets your buyers know exactly what they’re getting for their money and compare your home fairly against other comparable ones.

This can also help avoid difficult negotiations and possibly prevent lawsuits brought on by buyers who might claim you were misrepresenting the true condition of your home. Remember, without a pre-inspection, you run the risk of the buyer uncovering a major issue that may force you to drastically reduce your selling price or even lead them to walk away from the purchase.

5. To give you confidence at contract time

Typically, most sellers have a target selling price in mind when they put their home on the market and list it with only a little wiggle room for haggling with buyers. Therefore, if a buyer’s inspector uncovers a significant problem during contract negotiations, it can leave you with no room for negotiation. A pre-inspection helps you identify issues like these well in advance so you can set an asking price that is perfectly in line with comparable homes in your area. Spending this small amount of money early in the process can help you maximize the profit you get from your home sale and minimize the amount of price haggling you go through.

Choose your inspector wisely

While there are many home inspectors available, it is frankly fairly simple to get a home inspector’s license. What sets A&D Ford Home Inspection apart is our vast experience in home building, remodeling, and repair that means you can be confident with our recommendations. We know which problems truly reflect on the integrity of your house and which ones are cosmetic issues that you can leave for the buyer’s discretion.

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