About Us

Meet the owner

I’m Phil Ford, owner of A&D Ford Home Inspection. I’ve worked as a general contractor providing home improvement and remodeling services in Westchester and Putnam Counties for more than 15 years. My experience working with architects, engineers, and craftsman through all aspects of home building, remodeling, and repair, gives me unique insight into what goes into making a smart, safe, and solid house. And what doesn’t.

Hiring a licensed, qualified home inspector like me is the only way you can be sure you’re getting the full value of your investment. With my vast experience in construction, I know how to recognize and uncover hidden problems such as:

  • Hidden structural damage (such as cracked foundations or support beams)
  • Old wiring and circuits (potential fire hazards)
  • Insufficient/corroded insulation (potential energy loss)
  • Current/potential plumbing problems and/or evidence of previous water damage
  • Heating and air conditioning systems (assessing long-term viability)
  • Additions/renovations not up to A&D Inspection safety standards

To avoid expensive repairs, protect your investment, and preserve your peace of mind, put your trust in A&D Home Inspection. I’d love to meet you, hear about your Home Inspection needs, and help you get into the home of your dreams with complete confidence. To get a quote or learn any other details, contact us today.

A&D Home Inspection is licensed, fully insured, and bonded in New York State and is also InterNACHI certified. License number NYS: 16000071798