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Ifamily getting a pre-inspection before selling their housef you’re about to buy a new home, one of your most serious concerns is whether or not you are getting what you are paying for. Is the home well built with quality materials? Does it have structural flaws that have been carefully hidden or minimized? Is it safe for your family?

Given the high prices of homes in the New York metropolitan area, you deserve to be completely confident you are getting your money’s worth before signing that contract. A&D Ford Home Inspection is a service offered by Phil Ford, a general contractor who has been providing home improvement and remodeling services in Westchester and Putnam Counties for more than 15 years. His experience working with architects, engineers, and craftsman through all aspects of home building, remodeling, and repair, has given him unique insight into what goes into making a smart, safe, and solid house. And what doesn’t.

To avoid expensive repairs, protect your investment, and preserve your peace of mind, put your trust in A&D Home Inspection.

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